ArtWalk Livermore 2013

Join us in beautiful Downtown Livermore for the 12th Anniversary ArtWalk Livermore set for October 12th, 2013, from 11am to 5pm. ArtWalk is a fun, friendly cross between an arts festival and an exhibition tour, bringing thousands to downtown Livermore to enjoy an "Art District for a Day".

In the past few years we've made the event more user-friendly, allowing ArtWalkers to experience more of the event and our friendly downtown by consolidating exhibits into booth spaces in downtown pocket parks and the Livermore Valley City Center Plaza in front of the Bankhead Theater, as well as the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

In addition to the clustered art booths, art-destinations will be listed on the map with their special offerings for the day. These are businesses that regularly engage in art-making or art-exhibiting, such as the Bothwell Downtown Art Studios, Panama Red Coffee Company, the Bankhead Theater and Firehouse Art Studios.

The Art Banners that livened up parts of downtown Livermore during the month of September will be displayed for up-close viewing at the Plaza. A silent auction of the banners is part of the festivities, with a wine, beer and beverage bar close by. The silent auction closes at 4:30pm, and proceeds benefit the Bothwell Arts Center. Arts & crafts for children will be found at Lizzie Fountain.

On the Plaza as well is Artwalk's Acoustic Concert, featuring excellent minstrels, balladeers and folksingers who, along with ValleySingout and DC Sound, donate their time and talent to brighten your Artwalk experience with song. Find out more about the lineup at

Enjoy a digital stroll through our 2013 ArtWalk Artist Gallery to preview a sampling of what you will find at ArtWalk and what you want to make sure to see.

Proceeds from ArtWalk benefit the Bothwell Arts Center, which in turn assists many students, artists, performers, musicians, dancers, and teachers of the arts with affordable working space.


Download a Map of Artwalk Livermore 2013 and begin planning your day!